Support Services for Food Manufacturers

The pressure to “do everything the right way” from customers’ technical teams and BRC external auditors can be relentless and challenging.  It can also be very time consuming.  

Cravenglow Consultants have over 40 years experience in all aspects of the food industry and provide a wide range of support services for food manufacturers.

We work quickly with your teams to ensure full compliance with customers’ and auditors’ exacting standards.

We know that margins are tight and all our services are cost effective.

Our Support Services relieve pressure on your staff but ensure your customers and auditors are extremely happy.

Internal Auditor Training
Essential information to ensure all internal audits are thorough and documented.

Developing Food Safety (HACCP Plans)
Support in developing Decision Tree based food safety plans and the identification of CCPs.

Business Continuity Plans
Business Continuity Planning to ensure compliance with BRC requirements and minimum impact from a major incident.

HACCP Training
Customised training to provide a thorough knowledge of all aspects of HACCP and CCPs.

Environmental Standard ISO 14001
Guidance and full implementation of the increasingly in demand Environmental Standard 14001.

Production Improvement Training including 5 S and lean manufacturing
Bespoke production line improvement training programmes.

Team Leader, Supervisor and Management Training Courses

Bespoke training courses developed around your procedures and processes.

BRC Global Standard Guidance and Implementation
Support to ensure accreditation to the new Global Standard.

Cleaning Procedures Training and Staff Testing
Customised training courses for all operational staff followed by written testing to satisfy major retailer hygiene requirements.