Sales, Marketing and Business Growth


  • Customised training to develop key sales techniques
  • Negotiating to win valuable new business
  • Closing techniques to win every deal
  • New business development skills
  • Telemarketing – making it seriously effective
  • Putting the competition on the back foot – the skilful art of differentiation
  • Justifying premium prices  – the true test of salesmanship
  • Persuasive sales letters and literature

One to one mentoring or small groups

Many businesses fail to achieve their true potential through ineffective sales practices.

Poor Sales Growth = Stagnation = Failure!

In some businesses even experienced sales people fall into the trap of the ‘comfort zone’ and fail to develop profitable new business.

In others some members of the sales team continually under-perform which adversely affects the overall performance of the business.

In many businesses there is no programmed training for new or inexperienced salespeople.

Professional training can regenerate sales techniques in businesses where  sales have plateaued or stagnated.

Professional selling is a business skill that must be continually nurtured and developed

John Shaw’s sales masterclasses will put the ‘umph’ into your salesteam.